Google Site and Landing Page Crawling - Site Suspended


We do a lot of Google AdWords campaigns with medical groups that typically make claims on their website that Google closely tracks and often flags as “misleading content”. It can be frustrating to have to asterisk every little detail with “your results may vary”. The landing pages we have used in the past have been part of the top level domain so Google will crawl not only the landing page but the entire site and flag any potential misleading content (although they won’t tell you specifically what the offending content is). I’m new to Unbounce and looking forward to creating more conversion-centered landing pages. Does anyone know if I place an Unbounce landing page as a subdomain of the main domain (e.g., but don’t put any outbound links (attention ratio 1:1) and mark the landing page for no Google indexing, will Google still crawl the entire main site or just the subdomain/landing page? Hoping it’s the latter. Google won’t offer up an answer to this query. Thanks in advance.



Hi there!

We almost exclusively use subdomains for our customers in the medical vertical and have never had this issue. I’m assuming they don’t crawl over to the main domain this way :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps!