Google Reviews on Landing Page? Can it be done?


As we all know Google Reviews and all reviews really are very important. That would be doubly so for my client base verticals. My question is this. Is there a good way to display Google Reviews on an Unbounce landing page. I can do it on a Wordpress landing page, which leads me in the direction of moving some of my landing pages back to WP. However WP has other limitations. Has anyone integrated Google reviews on an UB landing page in a dynamic way?


I too would love this feature. TripAdvisor would also be useful (their native widget is…unattractive)


I really need this.


There are many sites available on the SERP you can use that sites for Google review,



Hi @haltagg,

As Daniel mentioned, there are several websites that can show you how to do this, just search for “embed Google reviews on website”.
I haven’t tried this myself, but these are the steps most sites suggest:

  • Go to your Google+ business page
  • Click the share button in the bottom right hand corner of the review
  • Click “embed post” to get code
  • Copy and paste code into a custom HTML element on your page

IMO, I would select some quality reviews with some detail about your product and why it benefited them and design them on the page myself. This way you are in control of what content is displayed and you can design it to match the rest of your site so it is more cohesive.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Caroline

Thanks for your answer it will be helpful for me i think you are answer tips right,

TechTIQ Solutions,


Google+ business does not allow you to share reviews anymore.
Instead I used a third party to embed code.
It is called