Google Phone Call Tracking

We have google phone replacement code on our website The phone number is not being changed on either the buttons or even the text. I have tested by clicking through a google ad to get to the lander and the phone numbers all stay the same.

The documentation in Unbounce does not contain any instructions, it looks like someone went in and erased everything.

We need to track calls in Google by keyword and I would rather not use the Call Rail or Call Tracking Metrics Options. I prefer just to let Google fire the conversions via the dynamic phone insertion.

Can someone please take a look at our site and see what is going on?


Hi @hyperboost,
I am not sure if that still works in Unbounce. See this:

Also, I noticed your global site tag is repeated in your site (maaaybe that is related). I guess the other tag is coming from GTM, try to remove it and see what happens.

Ill try to take out duplicate tag. Looks like Unbounce doesn’t support anymore. Their documentation is blank. This is a real bummer, calls are an integral part of lead management, I am not sure why a company as big as Unbounce cannot integrate with Google for call tracking.

Thanks for looking into it.

And I don’t particularly like using Call Rail or CTM. This should be something Unbounce has available in their web pages. It’s Google and should be easy to implement a simple header code that fires correctly. A real bummer on this one. I have to build these pages outside of Unbounce now.

We recently creating a script to solve this problem. Full details here:

If you find it useful and it solves your problem, please do leave a comment!