Google maps widget


Hello guys I am trying to ponder my Google Maps widget 100% but it has been impossible, I investigated in the community and I found a code or css style that could work, however when introducing the new style of css in the option of css there was an error: google map is 100% but the widget is mounted on the top of the whole page :frowning:


Hey JM:

Here’s something I use that I found out there somewhere when I was searching the same thing. Hope it helps you! I add this as a script to the page and it works great. It also works at 50% if you want to split the page width with other content.

Okay - totally can not post code to this page - what gives? If anyone can tell me how I’ve got somthing for you JM…


Hey @philipmeese!

Is there any way you can post a link to the code on GitHub? Otherwise, try highlighting the code and clicking the Performatted Text button.