Google Forwarding Number - Tap To Call Number Issue


Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some feedback on an issue I’m facing. I use Unbounce landing pages across 50+ campaigns for a client that has multiple locations throughout the country. An important part of the campaign management is making sure attribution is correct.

The main CTA for my client’s sales pipeline involves giving us a call due to the nature of our services (medical)…

I have 120+ unique phone numbers so I can quantify which campaigns are driving our most valuable inbound calls… Some of the landing pages are used across multiple campaigns so we utilize Google Forwarding Numbers and the call extensions so that we know which campaign each sourced which call…

Our approach is to make one Unbounce phone number, that is dynamically replaced with a Google Forwarding Number… in the event the forwarding number doesn’t work properly, they call the Unbounce hard-coded number so at least all inbound calls reach our call center.

It works fine on desktop, but I’m experiencing an issue on Mobile…

It displays visually with the forwarding number fine, but when people tap the number to begin the call it prompts them with the hard-coded Unbounce number instead of the one thats displayed.

Does anyone have any tips for how to make sure the mobile tap-to-call number shows the Forwarding number on the call display prompt instead of the number that is hard-coded in?


Hey @John_Peruso maybe @Stefano can help here. he works a lot with call tracking.

Good luck!


Hi there! Have you used this?

We were having the same issue when we started to use buttons instead of text!

Let me know if it helps.