Google Font Help

#1 = [‘Ubuntu:500italic,700,italic,regular’,‘Indie Flower:regular,400’];

I have no idea why this code is showing on the page. Can someone please help me to troubleshoot?



This looks like one of two things:
Either you inserted a script which clashes with parts of Unbounces font handling OR there’s a bug somewhere in the builder.

To troubleshoot whilst waiting for another answer I would:

  1. Copy the page and check if the new one had the same error.
  2. If yes, I would disable all scripts to see if that solved it.
    If yes, I would then turn them on again one by one.
    If no, I would create a blank new page, insert an element and see if that had the same error.

Hope you resolve it
Andreas Obel


I found the issue. I am trying to add OG tags and when I list them it prompts that script error.

I used an ! in the title of the OG JS. Removing this has fixed the issue (and removed alittle excitement from the script title)