Google Dynamic Numbers, JS and utm parameters



Looking for help on Google Dynamic Numbers when using utm parameters in my url

I use a script to generate Google dynamic numbers in 3 places:

I would like to send 250 ads to this one DYNAMIC Unbounce page.

How can I ensure the script will change the phone number please?

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@Jess can this be addressed by your technical team please?

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Sorry for the late reply. Are you using Google AdWords? If so, when setting up phone conversions on websites, Google should provide you with a JS that will automatically swap your phone number on your page to a unique one so conversion are correctly attributed.

We do this daily so I would be glad to give you a hand!


Thank you @Stefano.

I do use such a script below. The challenge is to use this on a single dynamic page with 250 different telephone numbers. Any ideas?


(function(){ _googWcmGet('number1', '01543 541 268'); }); (function(){
_googWcmGet(‘number2’, ‘01543 541 268’);
_googWcmGet(‘number3’, ‘01543 541 268’);


Hey Carl!

You are using a single dynamic page with 250 phone numbers? Are you using a unique number per location?

My suggestion would be to use Google tracking numbers for websites that will assign a unique number each time a user visits the page through an ad, and then attributing the conversion to the campaign > ad group > keyword/banner.

More information is available here.

When you create the conversion within Google AdWords, it wll provide you with a custom script you can apply to your page(s).

Let me know if this helps?


Thanks @Stefano

We are currently doing that, so the numbers are tracked and we have the code (above). But we have over 600 Unbounce pages.

What we are moving to is a SINGLE dynamic page where utm parameters will change the information. The final hurdle is ADAPTING the above code to be able to track the dynamically changed phone number.

For instance, do we do

_googWcmGet(‘number1’, ‘01543 541 268’; THEN 250 NUMBERS HERE);

We are tracking using Google dynamic numbers, we are using the code. What we require help with is handling multiple phone numbers in a single page.

Does that help?