Google Docs / Google Sheets Integration


Instead of playing around with CSV files, deduping, etc. only to finally get stuff where I want them (i.e., on a GDocs spreadsheet), this could be done automatically. For every new lead, add a row. That would be sweet heaven!


You can probably accomplish this using the WebHook and the Google API.…


Yeah, a lot of work though :confused:


Hey Helder, the guys over at itDuzzit have done this with our webhook - check it out here. Not sure if that will fulfil your needs or not. Definitely a great use-case for a built-in integration one day.


Hi Carter, thanks for the tip! It seems to do what I need indeed, but the price per transaction is a little steep for something that should get triggered many times. I’d love to see the built-in integration :slight_smile:


Totally understandable. We’ve made a note that this would be a nice built-in integration, though I can’t make any promises about when we’d tackle that, likely not for a while as we have many other integrations that are higher up in priority (Salesforce for example). If you really need this, I would suggest looking for a developer on odesk (or any other dev-for-hire site) that can write you the appropriate webhook script. Lots of our customers have had good success having custom webhooks written for them this way.

Hope that helps a little.


Hi Everyone!

We know that you’ve been waiting for more great features from us, so we’re happy to announce that Unbounce is now officially integrated with Salesforce!

It has definitely been a long time coming and we have appreciated everyone’s patience while our team worked to put the integration together. Take a look at our official announcement or jump right on over to see how to integrate with Salesforce right now.

As always, if you experience any issues with the set up, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Happy Integrating!


any news on a google sheets integration? life is pretty difficult without it. 


Hi Brad and others, noticed this hasn’t been mentioned here yet, but Zapier provides an integration between Unbounce and Google Spreadsheets over here:

I know ideally it would be built into Unbounce, but hopefully that helps!


Hi Carter, thanks for the recommendation regarding Zapier. Currently testing it out for Google sheets, but so far seems to be working well.

The way we’re looking to use it is to import the leads into sheets, along with the keyword data (for PPC), and then allow our clients access to the file to rank the leads in terms of quality. Thus creating a nice feedback loop for the campaigns.

This works as not all clients use something like Salesforce.


Ahh that’s really interesting, thanks for sharing your use case John! 


Any news on a Google Spreadsheet integration please?


Hi Etienne, 
An integration with Google Sheets isn’t on our immediate roadmap, but you can use Zapier to get this up and running in the meantime. I’ve also changed the title on this to make it a little more clear for folks who want to vote on this as a feature request. Hope this helps!


Hey Etienne, 

I’ve used Zapier for filling in Google Spreadsheets with leads from Unbounce. It works pretty well and you should definitely look into it. 


Be aware that Zapier integration with Unbounce is a PAID feature (they do not even allow you to test it for free). I just spent 20 minutes on an integration only to be told at the end that I cannot turn it on without paying $$$ (not so cool move, if you ask me). 

Anyone knows of any other solutions?


I have a solution to integrate Unbounce with Google Spreadsheets:


Great idea… but $47 is a steep price too for something without any company behind it.


Test it, and you will see that it works. I use it everyday for dozens of clients.