Google Analytics script placement


I’m attempting to add google’s asynchronous analytics snippet to my unbounce pages.

Which “placement” do you recommend using?

Google’s installation guide says both:

  1. “Once you find the code snippet, copy and paste it into your web page, just before the closing head tag*”


  1. “Copy the following code, then paste it onto every page you want to track immediately after the opening body tag”

And then your unbounce FAQ shows a screenshot using the “before body end tag” placement



I think half the confusion actually came from google’s instructions. It seems like they haven’t fully switched them over for the new snippet just yet.

Thanks for clearing that up!


No problem Sean, happy it makes sense now!


sorry to be a noob, but if I add the google analytics script, will I be able to track outbound clicks so I can see which keywords are driving clicks?


We’ve implemented a much easier way to implement Google Analytics and Event Tracking on your landing pages by using Script Manager. 

Check out the release here:

Or check out the full step-by-step guide in our Academy here:


Hi Sean,
The correct place to put Google’s asynchronous code snippet is just before the closing tag. When you are adding it to your page in Unbounce, choose “Head” for the placement.

Thanks for pointing out the error in our FAQ. The example we used there applies to Google’s regular non-asynchronous script (which should still be placed before the closing

tag). We’ll be sure to update this for both script types.

For anyone else reading this thread, more information on google’s asynchronous script can be found here…

Thanks Sean,