Google Analytics Referral Exclusion for Convertables


Not sure if anyone has experienced this, but our client’s Convertable was claiming a large volume of e-commerce transactions in GA because after it triggered on the client’s site it was passing click-through traffic back to the website as source: b4668… medium: referral and overwriting the original traffic source.

Here’s how we solved it:
1-First we place the GA code on the Conv. directly through the javascript window in the editor.
2- Next we created a referral exclusion for domain: (This is in the “Property” column of the GA Admin Panel under “Tracking Info.”)
3- We tested this on a browser by visiting the site in a tab and watching our visit in the Real-Time Section of GA before we clicked our UB Conv Link and afterwards.

UB - did we do this right?

Hope this helps save someone some time.


Hey @David_Koye,

This may be down to some of the set up you had specific to this Convertable. I haven’t been able to replicate what you’ve described but if you could message me a link to the host page and the Convertable I’d be interested in taking a look.

I wonder are you aware of the information here for a Convertables and Google Analytics integration



Hi @Brian_Burns,
This is for and the convertable is Yes we set up the integration originally and that’s when we noticed the capturing of the traffic. This is the data on conversions since the change.


Hi @Brian_Burns @David_Koye,

Same problem for us : since the installation of Convertables/Pop up, “” is in the top referrer in Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics.

Unbounce Embed Code was installed in Google Tag Manager following the Unbounce’s instructions. It seems to be the same for Could it be the reason?

It would be great to fix this if possible (the referral exclusion in Google Analytics works but it’s not the best solution and it’s not possible to do a referral exclusion for Facebook Analytics).



Hey @fdessort @David_Koye,

Apologies for the late response @David_Koye. After looking into this further I was able to reproduce the issue. For both of the above cases (@fdessort I looked up your published popup) the action of the form submit button is “go to url” and set to go to another of your webpages. Since the popup has a different domain it is appearing as a referral source.

I’m afraid I don’t see any way for us to resolve this issue. At this point all I can recommend is what you’ve both mentioned and add an exclude filter for It’s unfortunate that Facebook Analytics does’t offer this option.

Sorry I can’t be of more help and please let me know if there are any further questions.


Hi @Brian_Burns, we’re having the same issue where is showing up as a referrer page due to the sticky bar on our landing page. Excluding the traffic through Google Analytics isn’t an option for us because this traffic source is important to measure with the original UTM / referrer page.

Is there a way to get around this? Our landing page is


Hey @dave12,

I thought a bit more about your issue and came up with a workaround. It’s not pretty and there may be a better way of doing this but hopefully it is of some help to you. It should set the referrer to appear in Google Analytics as the host page’s url. Let me know if this works for you.

You’ll have to add custom JS to both the page and the sticky bar. Here are the steps:

Required Values

  1. buttonId - The ID of the button on the popup/sticky bar with the link

  2. destinationUrl - The url of the destination page.

  3. domain - The domain of the host page the popup/sticky bar triggers on.

  4. popupOrigin - The popup/sticky bars embed code url. For this example the value would be “

Step 1.

On the popup/sticky bar set the action on the button to be “Close on click”.

Step 2:

Define the required variables (buttonId and url) and add the script below to the sticky bar. Then republish the sticky bar.

 const buttonId = "#lp-pom-button-9";
 const domain = "";
 document.querySelector(buttonId).onclick = function () {
   parent.postMessage(JSON.stringify("redirect"), domain);

Step 3:

Define the required variables (destinationUrl and popupOrigin) and add the script below to the host page. Then republish the page.

 const destinationUrl = "";
 const popupOrigin = "";

 // On receiving message from the Convertable set a cookie
 window.onload = function() {
   function handleMessage(e) {
     var eventData = JSON.parse(;

     if (e.origin.includes(popupOrigin)) {
       // Check for the message
       if (eventData === 'redirect') {
         window.location.href = destinationUrl;

   // Listen for the message from the popup
   window.addEventListener('message', handleMessage);


Thanks for your help on this @Brian_Burns For this Google Analytics issue, does this referral page show up only for users who click on the sticky bar, or not necessarily?


Yes, that should be the case.