Google Analytics page tracking


Need some help understanding the #'s shown in Google Analytics for my Unbounce pages:

I see that the Pageviews and Unique Pageviews for variants A and B add up, but not the Entrances and Avg Time on Page. Can anyone explain why those #'s don’t jive? The Avg Time on Page for A and B is 1 and 2 seconds, but on the aggregate page it shows 1:06.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @plau,

The answer to your questions is a bit more complicated than it would appear initially and it really depends on your particular setup.

Both of these metrics are calculated in a very specific way and it’s normal for the numbers to not add up. Especially when you are dealing with dedicated landing pages getting traffic from paid ads.

There are numerous articles on how these are calculated and of course there is always the official Google documentation.

If I were you, I would read those through and make conclusions based on your particular setup.