Google Analytics Goals subdomain attribution not working


Hi guys!
I have a problem when attributing goals in Google Analytics to Unbounce landing pages.

Explanation is as follows:

  1. I have a Sign Up event in my app, which is a goal in Google Analytics (this is not an Unbounce goal, but a Google Analytics goal)
  2. When the user lands in and goes to the signup page (, if the user signs up, the signup is attributed to the /signup/ page and not to the page.

Does anyone know how to make this work properly so that the goal is attributed to the Unbounce landing page?


Anyone any help?


Hi @Santiago_Cura,

There are literally dozens of scenarios why this might be happening.

Based on your description, I would assume GA is dropping the session from the subdomain to the main domain for some reason hence the wrong attribution.

I would start there and debug the whole funnel from landing page to final signup.


P.S. Make sure that you are a) using the same GA property, b) you have the cookieDomain set to auto and c) you’ve added your main domain to the referral exclusion list.


Hi Hristian, thanks for your answer!
I do asume the same, but I just can’t find the reason.
Are you able to provide more help if I share the website with you? Or pointing me in the right direction to understand the best way to debug this? Thanks