Google Analytics doesn't track all conversions as a goal


Hi Com,

I set up the form fill submission as a conversion goal in google analytics. So it works fine for all forms but it doesn’t count all Conversions correctly. For example in unbounce i get 5 leads in 1 week for a Landing Page but in GA i only got 2.

The problem applies to all pages. unbounce lists 200 Leads in 30 days but GA only 97. Has someone the same problem or has a clue?

Thanks for the help


Are you using the Unbounce Script Manager to embed your GA code and generate Events?

If so, we’ve seen issues with the Events not firing in GA (and triggering conversions) from mobile devices when using the Script Manager. I believe UB is investigating…


We are having an issue with the form submission event going into GA too.  It is weird because i just created a test page for one of our clients and then submitted a form and looked at their GA real time report and saw the form event fire.  However, we are not getting the events triggered from the clients PPC campaign.

This issue started happening last month and we have been trying to figure it out.  Any help would be appreciated.  

Thank you!


Hi Andrew

Thanks for the note. Yes, we use the Script Manager for integration. Is there another way?