Google Analytics attributing Adwords generated traffic from Unbounce landing page as referral traffic, not Google cpc


I have installed Google Analytic tracking code on my Unnounce landing page. According to Google it should track sub domains without any modification.

“This tracking code can be used on or any sub-domain (,, etc.).”

It seems to work within Analytics.

However, I am sending traffic to the Unbounce landing page using Adwords. But when I view the traffic from the landing page, Google attributes the medium,source of the traffic as referral, not Google cpc. So none of the traffic that’s coming from Unbounce pages shows up in any of the Adwords reports.

Any suggestions as to what I should do?

Here is the tracking code

Any help would be much appreciated


I have the same problem.
Support, may you help?


Hi Karen and Donagh - Universal Analytics should track subdomains without the additional set-up that used to be required with Classic Analytics, but you will sometimes run into self-referral issues if your funnel pushes people across your sub-domain and main domain. If you exclude your sub-domain as a referral, that should take care of the issue. Google has documentation on how to do that in Analytics here: