Google Analytics 4 Integration

Hi guys,

I know there is no GA4 integration with Unbounce Pages right now but asked Service Support whether there is any other way they know about… and they suggested I came to the Community with my question. So here I am :slight_smile:

GA4 will be here and better be ready. Being able to compare data from Universal and having a look at it in GA4 will pay. I cannot imagine a future where I have no data from my Unbounce pages.

Thanks for your thoughts !


Hello Susanna!

Have you tried using GTM for that?

Hi Sher,
No, I have not tried GTM.
I love about Unbounce pages how easily I can pass the events data to UAnalytics (and then define conversions and pass it to Google Ads).
As a marketer I do use GTM in non Unbounce webs and I get my data stream. But I was hoping for something straightforward :slight_smile:

Hello Susanna!

You can try adding it in javascript at the bottom of the page. Just change the placement to “Head” and paste the code in.

Hello Sher!

I already have Universal GA, as a domain script. I will try adding the script for GA4 but I’m afraid it will interfere with something I’ll tell you what happens next, thanks!