Google adwords conversion tracking code when using form handler


Hey guys!

We use form handlers from Pardot so that information collected through our forms on Unbounce will be automatically pushed to Pardot. However, whereas we used to put Google Adwords tracking code into the Javascript for our thank you pages, we can no longer do this since there is no thank you page when posting form data to a URL (i.e. using a form handler).

Does anyone know how to place code on the “submit” button so that form completions are tracked as conversions?



There may be a way to put the code on the submit button, but it is probably messy. For this type of action you really need to look into google tag manager (or some other tag management setup) to do this for you. 

Unboucne has native support for GTM too. If you aren’t familiar with GTM there are a lot of online resources. The learning curve is steep, but once you get it will change how you collect data forever!

Good luck,


Hi Jessica, 

Joe is correct that the best approach here would be to use GTM. 

However, you can also try to pause the submit function, fire the Adwords pixel and un-pause the submit function. 

Both options should work so it’s a matter of approach.