Google Adwords Ads rejected because of 'malicious or unwanted software'



I have some big issues with my Google Adwords campaign, linked to a landing page. Yesterday my ads were rejected because of ‘malicious or unwanted software’. The first thing I did was redirecting the ads to the https url of my landing page. But Google still rejects the ads.

Someone who knows how I can solve this problem? Is it an issue that occurs often with Unbounce landing pages?

Thank you in advance!


Hmm, never heard of an issue like that before regarding an Unbounce page. Do you have the page to share? Did you add any scripts/codes/redirects to the page that could cause this?


Hi Nicholas,

The page is We do have another page which has the same problem in Adwords (

There is a remarketing script and Facebook pixel script added to the guvex page, but I don’t think these are the problem?


Think it was the favicon image which was hosted on cloudapp. Will delete the favicon for a moment and see what Adwords says. :slight_smile: