Google Adwords Adbot


I am considering subscribing to Unbounce. I have 2 questions though:

#1 - I run all of my traffic through my own tracker and when I look at my stats I see A LOT of visits that come to the sites from AdsBot-Google-xxx (different bot extensions for xxx like mobile etc). This would greatly inflate my visitor stats. Is Unbounce already set to ignore these visits?

#2 - What is the cost for increased visitors above 100,000 unique visits a month?



Hi Robert - we filter out known bots like Google AdBot, Bing’s bot, as well as a host of other traffic that identifies itself as a bot, so you won’t need to worry about those inflating your traffic.

There is the odd time that a customer’s page gets hit with a bot that we’re not already filtering, but we can always add that once it’s tracked down and identified–in cases like that, we’d also ensure that you it wouldn’t affect the plan you needed to be on.

We do have plans above our Pro199 plan–I’ll get one of our onboarding specialists to reach out to you directly to discuss those. Look out for an email from Jade soon!