Google Ads Suspended (due to circumvention) when I shifted to Unbounce Landing Pages

I’m using Unbounce for the last few days and shifted my ads to the new landing page I designed via Unbounce, hosted on a new sub-domain. The next day, my Google Ads account got suspended due to circumvention. Here is one of many potential reasons for circumvention that I found on Google:

Destination not crawlable
Destinations that are not crawlable by Google Ads
Examples: Using exclusion files (such as “robots.txt”) to restrict access to an entire site or to the majority of a site; restricting crawl capacity disproportionately to the number of ads being submitted

Because Unbounce doesn’t allow me to publish pages inside a sub-directory on my main domain, I had to make a new sub-domain. Now, I don’t want the sub-domain to be listed on search engines, but Google doesn’t allow that.

If I allow Unbounce to make my pages crawlable by unchecking “Hide my pages from search engine”, then I will end up having multiple domains listed on Google, which I don’t want. What is the solution to this? I’m desperate for a way around, having spent so much energy on Unbounce already.

Did you add a script to the page to make it unable to be crawled? Because typically, all you have to do is make sure to check this box inside Unbounce (see below), and this will hide it from search engines. We have almost all of our clients do this and they never have a problem running ads


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I’m no expert but I have experienced the same issue with Google after deploying some updated pages recently - I changed the URL path and that did it. Had the robots box checked, as I do for all landing pages used with Ads, but for some reason Google kept throwing disapprovals.

Once I changed the URL (using the same exact page) all was well. I know it’s not a technical explanation but it worked. And don’t expect a congruent answer from Google (lack thereof) support.