Google Ads & Safari intelligent tracking prevention 2.0 advice request


Hi, I hope this isn’t off topic/in the wrong place.

Basically, Google are pressuring me to implement some kind of new tracking tag because I’m using an old tracking tag which will apparently affect how conversion are reported from visitors using Safari.

They say that conversions from Safari either are not (or will not in the future (it’s hard to get a straight answer)) record any conversions using my current tag.

Here’s the thing…everything seems to be absolutely fine at the moment and I’m scared that trying to change the tracking might wreck things for me.

Currently I’m bidding for conversions in adwords and it seems to know who to send my way using this current tag just fine - this for this month so far:

That’s showing 59 conversions so far over the last few days.

In my analytics account it shows… 59 conversions!
Analytics seems to be counting leads from Safari just fine at the moment:

I have a bunch of pages & variants for my adwords landing pages. They are all set up and running fine.
Changing all of this might be time consuming & confusing & I can’t help but feel that doing it might rock the boat.

I’m very scared that changing the tracking might cause me big problems because at the moment I’m getting a nice steady stream of conversions from adwords at a great cost and it all seems to be reported fine.

From what I understand this intelligent tracking prevention thing is something to do with safari not storing a cookie for over 24 hours so you can’t retarget to people…something I’m not interested in.

People land on my page and fill out their details or they bounce. Simple as that.

Should I be worried about the fact I’m using an old code? should I update my tracking code?




You should update to the new Global site tag method. It might be time consuming, but it is worth the effort to keep up with technology.

When my team began using the new global and event tags we did see more accurate data. However, Google has not announced that they are removing support for the previous conversion tracking. So at the moment you will survive.

Implementing the new tag can be quite seamless. Just set up your conversion events in your Google Ads account. Then remove the old tag from your site and, place the global and event tags following the directions in Google Ads. Here’s the step-by-step:

You can do it, I believe in you! :smile:


Haha thanks.
Sorry I didn’t notice you had replied to this.

OK…might be a job to do over Christmas then.
Thanks Kyle.