Google Ads Hubspot Intergration + Unbounce (Unbounce pages not tracking with integration)


My client recently opted into the Hubspot Integration with Google Ads so that they can track customer and cost-per-customer seamlessly through Hubspot since it shows each individual campaign performance (clicks, spend, etc) and can show customers for each campaign.

It’s working great for Google Ads traffic sending to the forms on their site, but the contacts and customers generated from our Unbounce pages through Google Ads are not showing up in the Google Ads integration portion of Hubspot.

We have the Hubspot tracking script on each page, but it’s still not populating in the Ads tab.

Is there anything we are missing? Thanks!


I am not entirely sure about this, since I use Google Analytics. Just spewing ideas - could you use a custom UTM on your Google Ads URL ?