Google Ads Conversion Tracking - Cannot Verify Tracking Status


I have a group of landing pages I have been trying to get AdWords tracking setup for. This isn’t the first time I’ve set this up, but the first time I cannot verify the tracking status in Google Ads for the conversion pixel.

I have setup the AdWords conversion tracking via manual placement, global scripts, and even using Google Tag Manager. Each time I test the page the Chrome Tag Extension confirms that the Google Conversion tag is firing. When I use GTM the debugger also confirms that the conversion tag is firing properly.

I have even opened the Networking tab on the Chrome and monitored for calls to the Google ad servers.

Hopefully someone has overcome this challenge before. I am absolutely stumped.



Hey @benzlerd welcome to the community!

Is this issue still a problem? Sometimes it takes a few days once conversions start coming in, then Google sill show it as active.