Going from vertical to horizontal on mobile and back, layout gets wonky


is it an across-the-board unbounce issue that if you’re on a mobile site in vertical mode on your device, then go horizontal, then back to vertical, that the page layout gets wonky?

i am seeing this with one of our pages and looking for a fix. happy to DM the page if anyone wants to take a look.


Hey! I know the issue you’re talking about. If it’s what I think it is, it’s a known issue that on IOS going to landscape then back to portrait will still show the landscape view (i.e. desktop).

We’re going to be rolling out mobile improvements which will solve this issue (among many other cool new features). I’ll follow up on this thread once that happens!


thank you! any idea on an ETA for the fix? hours,days,weeks?


Realistically, it’s looking more like weeks, possibly months. It’s on our team’s radar but we have a few bigger releases rolling out in the next couple of months so there’s a chance that the mobile fixes will come after. If I get any more info I’ll be sure to update.