Go To URL not working on form submit


I am using a lightbox for the signup form on http://fb.sonofatailor.com/tshirt/

The signup is in another page, as described in several other topics here on the Unbounce board.

The form: http://fb.sonofatailor.com/tshirt-form/

 Everything works fine - expect for one thing.

When people have submitted the form I want to be sent to our website. I choose this in form options and provided a link, but nothing happens. The button greys out slightly, the signup is recorded and sent to mailchimp, but it does not open a new window.

What on earth am I doing wrong?


Hi Andreas, 

I’ve looked at your code and everything seems to be in order. 

My guess is that there is some bug in the lightbox feature, since it’s still in beta. 

The form works and redirects fine if you access the form directly through the browser. 

Btw, the form URL is http://fb.sonofatailor.com/tshirt-popup/ and not http://fb.sonofatailor.com/tshirt-form/.

I suggest you reach out to technical support and see if they have come across a similar issue. 



Hi Andreas,

The page that the form is trying to redirect to has a ‘X-Frame-Options’ header set to ‘SAMEORIGIN’. This means that page is not allowing itself to be shown inside an IFrame (lightbox) that’s on a different domain. Unfortunately this restriction is enforced at a browser level, so there’s nothing that we can do on our end to fix this.

The solution to this would be to have the webmaster of www.sonofatailor.com modify the ‘X-Frame-Options’ header to be something more lenient than ‘SAMEORIGIN’. There’s more information on this here.

Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction, Andreas!