Global Editing Feature


Is it possible to edit a page section that it shared across pages and/or variants, and have that edit carry across all pages?

For example, I need to update the phone number that displays in the header of 15 pages. The header is the exact same across all pages and/or variants. Today, I need to make that update 15 times. I’d rather make it once and push the update to all 15 pages.


Hi Brandon,

You are certainly not the first to ask about this feature and it is definitely on our development roadmap. I can’t promise a delivery date at this time but it is one we want to do in the near future.

Can I ask you what element you would like to be reusable? You mentioned headers, but would you also like reusable forms, entire page sections, etc?

Also, if you want to make a change to one specific page that uses a global element, would a) expect to be able to do so or would you expect it to be “locked down” b) be able to make the change, severing it from the global design?



Hey Paul - A few thoughts on this one:

  • I’d like the ability to make the following elements reusable across multiple pages: Scripts, CSS blocks, and Page sections.
  • I’d like to apply these reusable elements globally or to groups that I define. For example, I’d want my custom email validation script to apply across all landing pages, while a particular page section (call it “Healthcare Customer Testimonials”) would only be used on my healthcare-specific landing pages.  
  • In terms of making page-specific edits to a global element, I think it’s fine in v1 to simply have the global element locked down/uneditable. Then, in a future release, enable editing in which edits to a global element sever it from the global design (with appropriate warnings surfaced to the landing page designer).  
    I’ve just started using Unbounce and I can already tell what a huge impact this would have on my productivity.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense, or if you have any follow-up questions.

Also, any word on when we can expect a feature like this?



Note: Just discovered Script Manager for globally applying my custom scripts :slight_smile: