Geyser Systems - Hottest, Most Portable Camping Shower Going Live!


Hey Gang,

Launched our landing page to begin collecting emails before our Kickstarter Campaign.
What do you think?
How do I make my logo crisp and clean?

We plan to drive traffic on our site via facebook ads.

Our goal is for viewers to leave their contact information so that we can notify them when our campaign begins.

What are some reasonable conversion goals to set?

Check out the first of six pages…we’ll have other pages for runners, bikers, dirt bike riders, campers, etc.


Hey, this page looks really good with all the necessary information, video testimonial and layout is brilliant. Great that you are creating pages in response to interests too, I assume you will use those mentioned for your FB interest targeting.

  • For the logo, insert a box and then set the logo as the background image, it will maintain full-res rather than become compressed.
  • On mobile, your padding above headings could be increased for aesthetics.
  • As your lead form is short, I would test embedding it directly on the page rather than the modal form so users can see how easy it is to sign up.
  • Additionally, I would try removing the Last Name field so it’s even shorter, but retain First Name for email personalisation.

For goals, given your interest targeting and short form with minimal risk-reward ratio, I would expect a conversion rate of 50%+ depending on how far your advertising copy pre-qualifies the traffic.
With the high conversion rate making volume easy, Facebook will be able to learn and optimise very quickly to bring down your CPL. If the campaign plateaus and CPL begins to rise but you still wish to scale, try a desktop-only audience as FB will likely only be delivering to mobile for cheaper traffic initially.

How long are you collecting leads before your campaign begins?

Best of luck and keep us updated.


Hey Jonathan,

Cool product! Here’s a (private, unlisted) video review of your page with some feedback:

Chat soon,


EXCELLENT FEEDBACK! We’re implementing this ASAP! Thank you, Jonny!

We’re thinking of collecting leads for 2 months. Being a summer product means we must kickstart during the summer time. Do you think that’s enough?

My facebook consultant also informs me that facebook ads lead to mobile views. Do you have any ad platform recommendations for desktop user’s? I’m thinking about using YouTube since, according to many, it’s 80% male and…when put against the marketing stats for camping gear…men tend to drive a lot of decisions for setting up basecamp. Your thoughts?


Hey! Thanks for sharing this great product with us. Your idea to use vertical-specific landing pages based on your Facebook targeting is perfect, we’ve done this in the past with the wildest angles and it always boosted our return on ad spend.

Your email collecting strategy is actually essential for the long term success of your campaigns, since Facebook will be changing A LOT in its targeting options. You might want to test the offer (dollar amount credit for example). Alternatively, you can also try something similar using Messenger, which automatically collects the user’s info.

Overall, the key to Facebook in light of all the changes coming in May is to build your own custom audiences (the earlier you do this the better).

That being said, you absolutely need to make sure your Pixel is setup correctly. From what I’m seeing, your Lead event is being fired on page load (you only want that to happen once the form is submitted).

Here’s a guide on how to properly setup Facebook Pixel on an Unbounce page so it can trigger for leads:

Step 1:

Add the Base Code for your Pixel in your script manager and apply it to all pages. This will only track page views. If you have the Pixel on other websites, many sure to label the event differently (change “Page View” to “CamperLPViews” for example). Placement should be “Head”.

Step 2:

Go in to edit the page you want to track leads for. Important: do not do this from Script Manager, it won’t work. Once in your page, go into the “Form Confirmation Dialog”. You’ll want to add 2 scripts here:

  • Base Code Pixel for page views. Make sure the placement is “Head” for this one.

  • The Standard Event pixel for Leads. Make sure the placement is “Before Body End Tag” for this one. You can edit the value and currency. You can also edit the label and call it “CamperLPLead” instead of “Lead” if you’d like. Important note: make sure to create the custom conversion for it in Facebook later on, this way you can optimize for that conversion when launching your FB campaign.


fbq('track', 'CamperLPLead', {
value: 10.00,
currency: 'USD'

Step 3:

Time to make sure it works. Fill out the form on your landing page. Only once the confirmation dialog pops up, check the Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. You should be able to see the “CamperLPLead” event firing there. You might have a warning for your “Page View” pixel, ignore that.

Hope this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an inbox!



Thank you, Jonathan.

I’m trying to keep my head above water and don’t know how these changes will be beneficial. Please call me directly. If it’s something that appears worthwhile, then I’ll pay you to do it.