Getting redirected to


Hi Folks,

After setting up CNAME I am getting my pages redirected to, instead of the landing page that I set up. Any ideas?


Hey Cody, which domain is this for? Did you CNAME to


Hey Carl - Thanks for the quick reply.

main domain is
I created a subdomain for this
CNAME is set for


Just going to add that it’s fairly common for some users to mistakenly add a “redirect” to instead of a “CNAME”. If you visit in your browser, you’ll see that we are redirecting it to which would explain why your custom domain forwards you to our website.

Double check that you did indeed set up a CNAME and not a redirect, and as Carl mentioned, let us know what your domain is (you can email if you’d like it to remain private) and we’ll help you troubleshoot.


Hey Cody! That sub-domain seems to work fine for both Carter and I here, we see your landing page when we go to Are you able to do a “nslookup” from your command prompt and send us the output?


looks like i just needed to cache my browser.

Thanks guys.



No worries Cody, glad you got it figured out!