Getting Native Google Adwords UTMS to pass through


Hi all

Tried to sort this out a while ago, tried a number of different configurations and had no joy

I am trying to get my PPC utm parameters to pass through to my Google Analytics on the main domain (where I have my conversion funnel).

If I create a url with utms strings a sper the google url builder and manually input that url, the utms carry across perfectly to my main domain analytics

However, if I use the default Adwords setting to autotag the urls, no UTM data passes across

Currently, I am manually tagging at the keyword level, which is very painful and not very scalable!

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Hey Stephen - When you auto-tag with Adwords, the only parameter passed into your URL is ‘gclid’. Which holds no meaning to any other platform other than Google Adwords/Analytics.

If you have your own analytics system setup then you won’t be able to capture those UTM parameters unless manually tagged into your links. It can be time consuming but there isn’t much options if you wish to share UTM data outside Google Analytics.


I have Google Analytics running on the main domain and on the Unbounce subdomain (the same analytics).

To your point, is every single person using Unbounce manually tagging their Adwords keywords? I cant imagine that…


Hey Stephen - It’s a mix. Those who need to track that data outside of Adwords/Analytics use manual tagging. For example if you wanted to pull your UTM data into your Unbounce forms so you know the source of each lead you would use manual tagging.

Others are just fine with using auto-tagging as they don’t need the data outside of Google Analytics/Adwords. If your only using Google for your analytics then it’s fine and it should be able to carry the data across pages.


“If your only using Google for your analytics then it’s fine and it should be able to carry the data across pages.”

Yes, but it doesnt - thats the whole point of my post!


Ah I see. I thought you had your own tracking system you were attempting to pull the data into.

I’m going to open a support ticket for you. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this together. Lookout for my email