Getting Marketo Form Autofill Functionality to Work on Unbounce Pages


We use Marketo forms on our Unbounce landing pages. For our Drupal based or Marketo based landing pages, we’re able to get the autofill on the form to work for known visitors so they don’t have to retype their information. For unbounce, we haven’t quite been able to figure out what the custom code needs to be in order to get this to work in unbounce. Anybody have any pointers?


Hi @AmberThompson,

Basically, you’ll need to authenticate with Marketo’s API and look up the data for the fields.

This guide should point you in the right direction but you would have to be comfortable writing your own implementation. Frontend and backend for the authentication.



Hi there @AmberThompson and @Hristian

I would advise you strongly not to use that method. It’s been covered several times in the Marketo Community be resident security/implementation guru Sanford Whiteman (see this Marketo Community thread: that this approach exposes your organization to a serious security flaw.

A method you could use is to deploy an iFrame that loads a Marketo-hosted form on a Marketo landing page, and display it on your Unbounce page. It’s very feasible to control an iFrame’s presentation with CSS such that it’s mobile friendly and works in the greater scheme of your Unbounce page layout. You’ll also benefit from the form pre-filling (or even displaying “Known Visitor” custom HTML). What I can’t say is whether or not that counts as a conversion inside of Unbounce. That’d be worth some testing.

Hope this helps…