Getting both www. and no www. to link to landing page



I have the domain and have a cname pointed for www pointed to

However I also want to show the same landing page as well. Anyone know how to do this?

Also, Google doesn’t seem to be indexing the page which is strange, is it because it’s just a cname ?

Still loving unbounce.




Hi Dan,

I think I know why it might not work at the moment. 

Apparently your domain provider as directed that domain to one of their default IP servers where it displays this default page:

The about this page link says:

This homepage was created automatically when you registered your 1&1 domain package or hosting package. This homepage is only temporary and can be replaced with a website you create at any time (please refer to point 3 below). 
I would ask them to change this, and possibly give them the Unbounce IP.

Now, I don’t know why google is not indexing your page but they usually take their time with this. To speed up and help google I would advise you to register to Google Webmaster Tools.

Hope this helps.



Ps. Your page look awesome!


Hi Dan, 

Getting the naked domain (without the www.) up and running requires just a few more steps, which you can find here:…

Also, as Simao mentioned, Google can take a bit of time in crawling the page. You can check out Google Webmaster Tools, but to make sure there’s nothing blocking you on the Unbounce side, ensure that ‘Hide my page from search engines’ isn’t ticked off in your Page Properties panel: