Get leads from Popups via API

I am currently using two calls to get all the leads from Unbouce API:

First I get all the pages with callings and then download all the leads for a specific landing page with{page_id}/leads.

This however does not return leads acquired through popups and I can’t seem to find any answers in your documentation how to do this as it does not mention popups at all.

Hey @Tomaz_Bratanic,

That API endpoint should work the same for landing pages, pop-ups, and AMP, though it is true that the API documentation doesn’t mention pop-ups explicitly.

The ID you should be using ({page_id}) is the same ID as the one you see in your browser when you’re in the app. So for example, if you’re trying to fetch leads for:

…then the URI for your API call should be:

Note that this is not the the same as the UUID you see in the embed code.

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