Hi there,

I have seen a couple of answers but I couldn’t find the exact code. So here is my problem. I have 3 unbounce landing pages english, german and french. I have a web adress let’s say; I’ll promote and advertise, but I want the users who are from Germany to directed to unbounce german page, french users to unbounce french landing page etc. I tried to put maxmind’s javascript but it didn’t work, most probably I couldn’t do it right. Can someone please tell me what exactly I should do :wink:
Thanks a lot


Hi Jason - How are you driving traffic to your page? If it’s possible, it’s best to geotarget from the ad/email side, rather than have a redirect on the landing page side.


We have an e-mail list where we gathered from our personal connections, so I will direct them to the site, but then they should redirected to the relevant content depending on the country


Hi Jason, 

If you’re going to be blasting this out to your email list, what language will you be sending the email out in? Generally in a scenario like this you would be sending out a German email to your German subscribers, French to your French subscribers, etc. If this is the route that you’re going, then you can just create three separate Unbounce pages in different languages, then push them to the corresponding page from the email. Does this make sense? 

Alternatively, you could include a few links (English | German | French) as a top navigation so your leads can easily jump to their language of choice. 


So you mean there’s no other way,?


Hi Jason, I just wanted to chime in here and add to Quinn and Justin’s helpful points.

I know this is an email marketing campaign for existing subscribers, but if you’d like to cultivate and grow your leads, I’d recommend considering geo-targeting with PPC for next time around.

If you’re a JavaScript neophyte - PPC Marketing and geo-targeting can be very advantageous in boosting conversions. With AdWords, Bing, and Facebook you can decide which ads to show in specific geographic locations. This can be by country, areas within a county, a radius around a location, or location groups.

The great thing about that, is then you can set up ads by location that are upon click, directed to landing pages for each location. This plays very well with Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement.

I hope that makes sense! You can learn more about how to choose where and when ads will appear here:

I’d love to hear from anyone else in the community that has had success with geo-targeting, PPC and campaign specific landing pages…