Geolocating whole pages

Hi there (I’m new to the community, though have been using Unbounce for the last couple of months).

Is there a way to restrict individual pages to certain geographies? I see that you can do it with pop ups & sticky bars, but am wanting to create a page in French for french users, the same page in German for German users and so on…

Is this posible?

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I know there are many ways in unbounce using various scripts to detect all kinds of geo data to display or not display elements. You can try some of these

If your page is not too large this may be the route you want to take. However, if we are talking the entire LP and there is a lot of content, images, the form, etc., that all need to change the best way to do this is at the domain level with redirection or just a single page as a gateway with redirection scripts.

There are also some great services that can do the heavy lifting as well like

Or, you could just create the separate LPs for each region and run region-specific ad campaigns to drive traffic to them.

But, there could be another way that I am unaware of. You’d have to ask @UnbounceTechTeam

Hope that helps.

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That’s really helpful thank you! I’ve just found one way around it which is creating geo-targeted pop ups to appear on a standard page, asking if users want the page in Spanish (etc) and then redirecting them to a Spanish version, but I’ll have a good look at the links you’ve mentioned… thanks again so much!

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Yup, that works too. Kinda like the gateway page idea. Good stuff!