Geo Redirect Landing Page


I’d like to do a redirect from a facebook ad Shop Now to 2 different landing pages – so anyone from the US clicks on the shop now and it goes to a US tailored unbounce page and anyone from Canada clicks the same button and it goes to a Canadian tailored unbounce page. 

Can this be done from within unbounce? 


Hey there, 

Yes, you can redirect based on location but you have to be cautious about 2 things:

  • The approval process of the Facebook ad. They might not like a redirect used on one of their ads. 

  • You would have to use a 3rd party Geo API to see the “possible” location of your visitor and redirect accordingly. Possible being a keyword here, since trying to pinpoint a location based on an IP is not always fool proof. 

Instead, why don’t you just split your Facebook ad. Your would target the appropriate country with each ad and direct the clicks to the right landing page. 

It would save you a lot of headaches and possible problems.