GDPR-Cookie policy page

Hi, I´m new to Unbounce. I´m building a landing page and have added opt-in check boxes in the webform. So far so good. I have also added a Cookie sticky bar. That also was easy.

However,this is where I am not clear. From the Cookie sticky bar, under GDPR regulations, i need to provide a URL link to a full description of our cookie policy. This I´d like to display as a pop-up so that visitors can read the cookie policy without leaving the main page.

Since my landing page has a completely standalone domain name, I don´t have an external URL page to link to. What is the best way for me to create a “page” or section with the necessary cookie policy without needing to link to an external URL?

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Hi @russelllack! First of all welcome to the community (and to Unbounce! :tada:)

Have you thought about using a lightbox for your cookie policy information? I’d be happy to walk you through the set up steps if you’re interested.

Here’s some documentation on setting up a lightbox if you’d like to self-serve.

Hope this helps a bit! And hope you’re enjoying the builder so far :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions.


We’ll often do a separate Unbounce page for that, since you often need to be able to link directly two it. YMMV, but that’s our SOP.