?gclid preventing my scroll links from working


Hi there!

Recently I realized that the AdWords auto tracking adds the following to my URL:


So when you click any of the buttons or links on the page that are supposed to move you to the form or case studies, it doesn’t work at all.

Anyone have a solution for this?



Hey Darren,

It looks like you might have the “Pass through URL parameters” option checked in the Click Action section under the Properties tab for your buttons/links.

This is what your HTML looks like currently:

<a class="lp-element lp-pom-button" id="lp-pom-button-302" href="#lp-pom-block-365?gclid=CIDxkrfovdQCFVBZhgodYgwGZQ" target="_self">...</a>

It should look like this:

<a class="lp-element lp-pom-button" id="lp-pom-button-302" href="#lp-pom-block-365" target="_self">...</a>

When I remove the ?gclid=CIDxkrfovdQCFVBZhgodYgwGZQ from your anchor URL, your anchors work properly.


@leah.ann You genius you!

That’s exactly right – I didn’t even see that was checked. Did the trick!

Yeah I noticed that when that was removed it worked as well. Couldn’t figure out why that was staying. Thank you very much for the help! :smiley: :raised_hands: :+1: :boom: