GA Tracking Without A Sub Domain


Do I have to use a sub ( in order to track GA?

Or can I use an unbounce page ( and still track unbounce as a referral?

I’ve added my GA script to the JS script section but don’t see GA registering any clicks/visitors to any pages on my site within GA.


Got it. Appears to be working just fine. Just so others down the road know all I did was put my GA script in the JS section and it worked fine. I use Universal Analytics so I didn’t need to set up/enable cross domain tracking for subs or anything. Simply copied and pasted my script into Unbounce and made sure to look at my unfiltered GA profile to see my clicks.


Thanks for updating us, Nelson!

Just a heads up, although GA will technically track analytics on, we don’t recommend sending any AdWords/paid traffic there as Google will likely suspend your ads. It also doesn’t look too good from a branding perspective to have another companies name in your URL.

I’m sure you’re already aware of this, Nelson, just want to make it clear for people on the forum who might not know.


Thanks Justin.