G+ and Facebook not shown in Social widget


Social Widget not working, When I drag in the Widget only Twitter is shown, enabling and disabling Facebook and G+ seems to change the size of the Box, but no link is displayed, Please help!


Hey Jesper - Sorry to hear your encountering issues with our social widget. I’ve started a support ticket for you so we can investigate further. Lookout of my email!


Hi Johnny -

Problem exists on these pages:
See photo of what I see in this end.


Hey Jesper - Thanks for passing along that information, I’ll take a closer look. This requires some further investigation and will likely require some back and forth correspondence between us. Can you be sure to send your future replies to the support ticket I have open for you? I started it under the account email that contains these pages, If you would like me to CC in a different email just let me know.


Hey Jesper - If you get a chance please send over the browser and operating system your using (including the version numbers)


Problem Located - Created by Avast Online Security Extension for Browsers
Confirmed on both Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer.
Remove the extension and problem goes away.

Sorry for the trouble.


Hey Jesper - Glad to see you figured it out. No need to apologize I’m happy everything is in working order.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any future issues. We’d be delighted to help!