Fully Integrate with Calltrackingmetrics.com - Best Call Tracking Software out there and solutions


I think it would be awesome if unbounce can fully integrate with calltrackingmetrics.com.

With their formreactor widget, it would be awesome if this could be linked to unbounce native form functions in the page editor.

So when some one fills in form with their number and calltrackingmetrics.com is activated, then clients gets phone call automatically and gets linked with visitor, whilst unbounce also tracks this as a conversion.

Check out how cool formeactor works.



Hey Dewaldt - thanks for the idea! If Calltrackingmetrics.com has an “embed form” option you can embed their form on your Unbounce page(s) using our Custom HTML Placeholder widget.

Alternatively, Unbounce partners with a few other call tracking providers such as Ifbyphone, Speak2Leads, and Contactability. Using them with Unbounce is super easy - feel free to check them out here. Hope that helps!


Problem is your existing solutions do not work in South Africa.

Their Embed form does not redirect after submission so I can not import offline conversion into unbounce.

You can do web hook post, but there is one variable that is needed from their side, meaning I think a custom JS will get this variable and then I do not know if there is away for this variable to be added to the unbounce form as hidden value when submitting to webhook URL.

I will be talking to them as well on this matter and see if I can get it working some how.


Thanks for your feedback Dewaldt. I’m sorry that neither of our partners will work for you. I’ve reached out to them with that feedback. Please be sure to let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


Hi anything new regarding this integration?


You can use zapier.com