Full-Size Video on Landing Page


Anyone have a script or tricks for how to get a video to play full size? Here’s what I mean: https://www.constancehotels.com/en/

I am aware of the video backgrounds. But would like to press-to-play and have sound etc. like prior example.
Thanks in advance!


Hey @Britt_Hall I personally do not have any code for this exact example. But, a quick inspection looks, to me, that they are replacing the bg with a video on click. They are using SVGs and HTML5 to do this.

Maybe an @Unbounce-Experts may have a suggestion?

On a side note, I think this is overkill for an LP and could lead to drop off. Just my experience that full-screen video does not work well. Then theres load times to consider, etc. But it certainly is beautiful looking :slight_smile: