Full Sales Funnel In Unbounce


Hi fellow Unbouncers,

I design and setup Sales Funnels for clients. I love Unbounce and so far have been creating only landing pages. I would like to know if any of you have been able to create full sales funnel using unbounce.

By a funnel I mean:

Opt-in Page.
Trip-wire Page.
Up-Sell Page
Checkout Page
Downsell page etc. you get the point.

I know in Unbounce pages can be grouped together, however, to do that glue I am guessing third party services like:

Mailchimp, PayPal, Zapier etc. might be involved.

Can you please share your marketing stack which you have used to achieve the above?

Many Thanks,


PInging the @Unbounce-Experts here because I know each of them have some experience using marketing stacks to achieve this. Stay tuned!


Hey Waseem,

Great question! Yes this is totally possible. It’s actually the best way to do it, rather than using an “all in one” funnel tool in my opinion. You have so much more opportunity to use best-in-class tools like Unbounce when you build your own funnel.

So it really depends on the client, but one of our most common stacks looks like this:

Unbounce for the landing pages

ActiveCampaign for all email automation and sales/CRM tracking <-- This is our external brain

Zapier for “gluing” everything together <-- It is so useful!

ThiveCart for the shopping cart (we don’t do a lot of ecommerce, so this is primarily for projects that require a digital download or a something like that. You can also use something like Shopify, PayPal, Gumroad, or SamCart. There are lots of good options depending on your needs)

Google Analytics and Hotjar for quantitative/qualitative analytics

And we just started playing around with Klipfolio as a dashboard of sorts for more tracking

At the end of the day, all you really need are your Unbounce landing pages, some way of sending data to and from an email automation tool with the proper tags, and a cart. The hard part is coming up with the right lead magnets, tripwires, upsells, email automations, etc.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about what I covered. Good luck with your funnels!


As always, fantastic write-up @Nicholas!

I’ve put together some sales funnels for clients. Here is an example of one we’re currently running.

Opt-in Page on Unbounce (free resource, traffic via affiliates)

Success Page on Unbounce (Up-Sell page)

Checkout Page on Infusionsoft

1-Click Downsell Page on Unbounce (Works nicely with the Infusionsoft integration for 1-click purchases by carrying over the URL parameters from each previous page)


Thanks a lot, Nicholas. Appreciate your reply.

I haven’t used ActiveCampaign so far, I am currently using Mailchimp’s Automation. I will definitely give it a shot.

Looks like ThriveCart isn’t public yet. My initial requirement is to figure out a way when a customer purchases a product they are “moved” from the lead list to let’s say a customer list, which later on can be targeted separately for upsells. I guess Activecampaign will possibly help in that.

I have used Mixpanel in the past but it gets tricky to setup funnel tracking properly in GA or MixPanel.

Thanks for sharing Klipfolio I will definitely have a look.


Thanks @Stefano. I think for now we are looking for a light-weight solution. InfusionSoft is a different and bigger animal :slight_smile: which not every customer is ready to invest in.


Depending on what their eCommerce platform is Shopify has a VERY cool new feature the https://www.shopify.com/buy-button. It is like embedding a shopping cart on your site. We have used it for a client and they are so thrilled (mind you they were coming from a platform that was 8 years old so ANYTHING was going to be a huge improvement but that’s neither here nor there).

I also want to +1 ActiveCampaign for automation and email.

My “addition” to this thread is the use of convertibles. These little gem’s from Unbounce have helped many, myself included, really boost conversion rates. @Finge can tell you more about his success with this product, or come to the Unbounce Experts panel at this year’s CTA Conf! I’m almost CERTAIN he’ll be talking about it.