Full custom HTML templates?

Hello! I am going to be building landing pages for a new client in unbounce, but I’m new to this service. I have a bunch of experience building sites with HTML/CSS/JS and I’d much prefer to code these offline and then upload them to unbounce, presumably with variables to define editable text.

Is this possible, or am I limited to including custom HTML in defined sections in the WYSIWYG editor? I searched these forums, but the most relevant answers I’ve found are from years ago, so I don’t know if they are current.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey Shannon!

First off, welcome!! :tada: I hope we get to hear more from you in the forums as you get more familiar with Unbounce.

I can confirm that the old posts that you’ve read in the community are still relevant now. The builder is designed to make it easier for people to quickly create landing pages without the need for custom code, that being said, we also want to give folks who are more technically savvy the opportunity to push things a bit further with custom code.

You could try dropping in your code and seeing how it behaves on our platform, but it may impact your ability to set certain buttons/links/submissions as conversion goals.

All in all, I think you’d be more successful building the page natively within Unbounce. I’m going to tag @Hristian here as he’s one of our community’s more famous developers and he can perhaps speak to the best strategy for when and how to implement your custom code.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: