Front/Back Issues are maddening


The front/back buttons just don’t work. It is absolutely maddening, and really slows things down. I duplicate a button, or a text field, and the duplicate just won’t take front position via anything else on the page.

I duplicate a custom code box, and it does the same thing. Driving me crazy!!

Thanks guys.


Derek, could you detail a series of steps that would allow us to reproduce this problem. We are unable to reproduce this problem. Also if you like, send us the link to the page you are having problems with and we can take a look.


I’ve had the same problem back and forth - and completely unable to layer sections as well. I could jott down a couple ways I’ve done it but it’s normally after copying something or inserting a new picture. For instance, I’ve got a section reserved for one photo only with a shadow at the bottom to add depth - the section below it has text and I want the text above the lip of the shadow. In this instance - it won’t layer correctly.


I accidentally clicked on this thread, but figured i would chime in. I have had the same issue (Chrome). I have only had it happen 2-3 times. When i delete the image, and add it again… it works.

I just think there is a glitch somewhere, i wish i knew the steps that caused it. If i notice something; i will come back and post it.


Hey Marc - That’s very strange and shouldn’t be happening. If the issue does resurface please send an email to along with the page details so we can investigate further.


sure. it has been a while… just saw this thread and noticed a couple of others said it too.


My experience with layering: The buttons ‘Bring to Front’ and ‘Send to back’ (correct wording? Not sure …) just don’t work.

I want to bring an object (text, picture, doesn’t matter what kind of object) to the front or send it to the back. I select the object and click the respective button … nothing changes.

What always works is if I copy an object, it will be in front of all other objects as long as I’m not copying another object. Knowing this, I’m able to work accordingly.

Nonetheless annoying that the buttons don’t work as they’re supposed to.

Using Firefox 27.0.1



Hey Martin - Thanks for providing those details.

There is a chance that the object is being placed behind or infront of multiple objects. Think of these object as pieces of paper laid out on top of each other. When you click ‘Bring to front’ or ‘Send to back’ it won’t bring it to the frontmost or very back position but instead steps it back or forward from its current place in the stack.

So if after one click it doesn’t move in the direction you intended, try clicking it again until the object is in the position or until the button ‘greys out’ and cannot be clicked.

If the button greys out and still hasn’t moved back/forward, then send an email to with the page name and details of which objects aren’t moving. Once we get that we can dig in further and narrow down the issue.