[From the Blog] Conversion Rates Below Average? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions


Hey folks!

A post went live on our blog this week that I think a few people here would benefit from reading, titled ‘10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Conversion Rates Are Below Average’ by Aaron Agius.

We’ve had quite a few topics pop up over the last year from people who aren’t quite seeing the conversion rates they were hoping for, and in many cases, some suggestions from our Community members and our Unbounce Experts were able to get things moving in a positive direction.

But as marketers, one of the best tools in our arsenal is simply staying up to date with the latest and greatest practices in Conversion Rate Optimization (which is obviously way easier said than done).

This post asks some tried and true questions, such as “Has trust been established?” and “Do customers understand the benefits and value?” - but there are also a few questions one might not think to ask themselves, such as “What is the purchase experience really like?” and “How do my customers feel about the process?”, followed by recommendations on implementing feedback tools to learn more about your audience.

There’s a few other gems in this article as well, so if you’re new to the Community (or new to Unbounce) and itching to get more conversions I suggest hopping over to the blog and checking it out.

:link: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Conversion Rates Are Below Average

… and if there’s something on your CRO checklist that isn’t covered in the article, be sure to share it in the comments below. :chart_with_upwards_trend: