From Oct1st we won't be able to use Unbounce forms on Facebook pages


I’ve recently found a way of integrating an unbounce form into a Facebook page tab. So far, it works well, but I’ve found out that from October 1st 2011 this won’t be possible because UnBounce doesn’t have a HTTPS option. Please can Unbounce provide a HTTPS option to allow for continued facebook page tab integration.


Https is a legal requirement in some countries. Any chances it will be possible to use https in the unbounce landing pages?

Thank you!


Hey guys, we really want to provide this as a core offering with Unbounce (just a matter of priorities really) but in the meantime you can try using a service like on top of Unbounce - they offer SSL (https) and are pretty easy to get set up.


How? How does one use Cloudflare to get ssl landing pages for Facebook?


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a quick update and let you know that  SSL is on the way;  and it’s actually a lot closer than you might think! Paul Doerfling, a Product Manager here at Unbounce, just released a quick SSL update in the Community detailing our final timeline for launch (spoiler: it’s soon), as well as a few tidbits about what to expect when it’s live. 

Go check out update and share your thoughts/feedback here.


Good news, everyone! 

SSL has finally been released for all PRO99 plans and up. Check out the release thread here:

Thanks for your continued support for this feature!