Free to trial version


I created my account using the free service option and now am thinking to try the 30 day trial. I can see the tial option if I go to unbounce homepage, but that requires a new registration. If, however, I try to upgrade within my account, there is info regarding the trial option.

So, could I still get the trial version of the starter package if I already have a free account? Thanks!


Hi there - You can definitely do that as long as you haven’t already gone through a trial. Just upgrade to starter and your 30 day trial will kick in.


How do you handle beeing a paid customer in the sense after using the site for some time and would like to return to free account, can i do that without losing my information in the site?


Hi Jorge - No need to worry about your pages! If you added any domains they will have to be removed before you can downgrade to free but your pages and stats will remain untouched.