Free report Download on Lead Gen page for B2C


I’m thinking of running a test for My Lead Gen page for Wealth Management that will offer a Download of a free report on Wealth Management (kind of a value add/peak behind the curtain of how we work).

 This is for Adwords Search and it is mostly people who have never heard of us before. We’re also competing against the much better known big banks. 

I’m looking at a way to present the  report that will suggest we’ll contact you after you download it. I know this is a more common approach in B2B than B2C, and previously we’ve done straight Lead Gen, or email capture for a Free report (then upsold through email later). I’m looking to see if a Hybrid version of the 2 would help to lift response, but need some help in how best to  effectively positioning this.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or can you point me in the direction of any resources -Case studies, templates etc.?  Thanks, James


It sounds like you want to have two offers on the same page: 1. Get a free report, and 2. Request a free consultation. If that’s correct, it might create some confusion, as best practices recommend having just one main CTA per page (either get the report or request the consultation).

How about an offer that adds value to your visitors’ lives, yet requires them to speak with you in order to get the most out of it? Real estate agents do this all the time with “free home value reports.” The visitor can request the report on the page, but in order to access it, the agent needs to speak with them and explain it briefly. 

Maybe you can offer a “free wealth management assessment” for qualified leads? This would be a customized report (nothing fancy), but an advisor would need to contact the lead in order to go over it together.


Thanks for your feedback Nicholas! Agree with not having 2 CTAs. I was aiming to make the CTA centered around downloading the Free report, but then having some language in place indicating that someone would be contacting them shortly to discuss (kind of like a B2B SAAS idea)