Framework for Email Verification and CAPTCHA codes


I love the forms but it would be nice if you guys provided a framework for email verification. Also provide CAPTCHA verification as well.


Absolutely, this feels like a must have for any lead generation page. For example, in New Zealand before you can send email to anyone you must have the address verified through a double opt-in process.


I’m in on that too - Captcha on a selective basis, but the email verification would be a great ‘plus’


CAPTCHA has been proven to lower conversions. I would ask yourself if some spam is worth the extra leads you’ll get with an easier form fill. CAPTCHA is good in some instances, don’t get me wrong, but when trying to capture leads it can be a hinderance.


I cannot believe that this isn’t already in place. Frankly, I don’t see the point in paying for the service if such a basic protection does not exist!

You have until the end of my free trial to change my mind, if that.