Forwarding email leads to SendGrid for auto-responding: How to validate?


I want to setup an auto-reply for our lead capturing Unbounce page and as far as I understand I need to use a third part service. Since my team already uses SendGrid and there is a zapier for that integration ( I’m trying to find a way to use it, without making our systems vulnerable to bot attacks.

For example if we’re not validating email addresses before they reach SendGrid, a bot can start mass-submitting fake addresses that bounce on SendGrid until that service blocks us.

How would I go about solving this challenge? Do I need to be checking the addresses with another service? Or maybe use some form of CAPTCHA?


Hi, I believe that I understand what you are asking. Yet, as I’ve never been attacked by a bot on my Unbounce page, I do not see the need for what you are describing. I’m curious. Have you, yourself, been attacked by a bot on your Unbounce pages?


Not yet and if I was targeted, I’d prefer not to have that leak into my production email system :slight_smile:


Hi @dio,

I don’t think you need to worry that much about bot attacks.

Unbounce uses a variety of publicly known and other unknown methods to keep the bots away.
In my experience from hundreds of pages and hundred of thousands of leads, bot attacks are not even in the top 20 of things I worry about.

However, if you would feel more at ease a 3rd party check is one way to do it.
I would avoid CAPTCHAs since they are a pain to setup with a native Unbounce form and could potentially decrease your conversion rate.