Form with the attribute "no border", OK in preview but borders appear when the page is published


Hello there,
When I give to the border of a form the attribute “no border”,

The borders don’t appear in the preview mode and it is OK

but borders appear when the page is published and this is KO

Additional informations.

  • There is an image behind the field of the form (this is why we don’t have any background color for the field attribute, look at the first image)
  • The page use a CSS
  • The page use a script to put the text “Votre email” in the field of the form (compare the first image of the edit page and the two others images).


Hey Marc-Antoine, this certainly looks like a bug although I’m having a hard time re-producing it. What browser are you experiencing the issue in?


Hello Carter,
I have the same problem with Chrome (21.0.1180.83) and FireFox (15.0) and Internet Explorer (9).

You can see the problem on my landing page :
Do you want to schedule A Skype to show you the problem ?


Hey Mark-Antoine, thanks for the details. I see your pages has unpublished changes, can you Re-publish and then verify that the problem still exists?


Hello Carter,
I republished my pages and the problem is still there.


Hello, some news about this bug ?


Hi Marc-Antoine,
Very sorry for the lack of communication in the last week. We deployed a fix recently for the way borders were being displayed on input fields. Can you try re-editing your page, changing the border to “solid” and then back to “none”? Re-publish and let me know if it’s fixed.